The Unbeautiful Beautiful

Beauty is subjective, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Beauty is up to the individual and personal. I love the word beauty because it is so layered and multi-dimensional. When I conjure up the image of beauty there is no one image that comes to mind. The word itself signifies a myriad of meaning to each person. It’s oxymoronic, yet seamless. Edges jagged and raw to the eye but unified and cohesive all at once. To some beauty can connote the glamorous unflawed images in a magazine. It can be a note of music in a song, a melodious tune that speaks to the soul. Nature in all its glory. The raw, jagged edges of a canyon. The birth of a child in all its glory and pain, a baby’s first cries piercing the air as it takes its first breath in this world. Beauty can be order. Beauty can be chaos. It can be the look of love in the eyes of your partner. The random act of kindness to a stranger on the subway. It’s all around us yet nowhere. It’s in all of us if we choose to see it. Beauty is a dichotomy yet harmony. In the darkest hour, in the dimmest moments of our lives there is beauty to be found. In the midst of the ugliness and pain of life there is light. The underlying dance of the world says, “I’m alive, I’m alive.” A seed rots before it grows. A mother must experience the pain of childbirth before she is given the gift of life. The Jewish nation is reborn after the Holocaust. Our very breath and existence is synchronized with the earth and humans of this Earth. At the very moment of a death there is a birth. Life is cyclical. The world is orchestrated and composed to us. Should we choose to see it, it is there. The very same situation that would be a blessing for one can be a source of ugliness and discomfort for another.

Crazy Dreams

People always ask me what my dreams are, what are my goals? When asked this question my mind goes blank, my speech falters and I honestly have absolutely no idea what to answer. Because the truth is I don’t think I have any. I don’t mean this in the sense that I’m not looking for ways to improve my current life, or that I’m not interested in personal development. But I just don’t have these crazy, outrageous dreams. When I attempt to ruminate and come up with a grandiose plan, it just feels forced and compulsory as if I’m being required to fit in with the idea of the American Dream. Others may question me, why don’t you want more? The truth is, I’m content with my current reality. When I ask myself what it is I want, it is to give off good vibrations and shine my own light so bright that others cannot help but shine their own. I want to be a source of good energy and positivity to my surroundings. Because the truth is, at times the world can be cold and evil. I do believe the world at large is a good place. I don’t want to discount the immense kindness and compassion that takes place. But there is no doubt that evil exists. And if I have the capability to make the world a little bit brighter, ease someone’s pain, infuse joy into their day, then who am I not to? Nothing brings me greater joy or satisfaction than the knowledge that I was able to permeate a bit more joy and laughter. So if this is what I want out of life and I’m already doing it, does this mean I’m already living my dream?


What kind of legacy will I deliver?
This thought I do consider
What will I leave behind after my time?
Is it my connection to the Divine?
Is it my money and worldly possessions
That I leave on Earth, or is it the lessons
I probably won’t pen the next Great American novel
Or lead a country to its time
Do I leave my writings, my deepest thoughts
Or was all that effort but for naught?
What is it that I am remembered by
Or will the memory of me simply die
How can I make sure that those who recall me
Don’t promptly forget but smile at me
For I brought warmth to their hearts
Lit a flame, ignited a spark
Love is not lost on those who embrace it
To live with grace is to simply face it
That this life is limitless in its potential
To connect to another is essential

Coffee and Glitter

This blog is titled Coffee and Glitter, my two favorite things in this Universe. The two main elements which run through my blood, gives me sustenance and vitality and in short, keeps me alive. Of course I am being somewhat facetious given that neither coffee nor glitter are actual life-force elements needed to survive on this planet. That being said, I am addicted to both in different doses and both bring me happiness and joy and lead me to believe I live on a sparkly unicorn-rainbow contraption where I live out all my wildest fantasies and everything I wish for comes true. But Esti, you may ask, you are not living in reality. This view on life is not realistic! Life is not all shiny rainbows and sparkly unicorns! To which I answer, you are not wrong because a person’s reality changes and conforms to their perception of the world. Forgive me if I sound as if I am bragging or boasting, but I CHOOSE to see life through the sparkly-unicorn lens, therefore my life is shaped around my viewpoint of reality. I do not face reality, but rather I create it. Let me tell you ladies and gents, that this is probably the greatest breakthrough of our times. We are living in a magical reality today. And don’t get freaked out because I am not referring to magic in the witchy woo-woo, voo doo sense. I mean magic in way that everything flows for you, everything aligns for you. You think a thought and it is almost immediately manifested. You live on a crazy high vibration. Wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am vibration.

Unfortunately there are a lot of humans who do not grasp this concept of high vibe livin’. To be clear I am not condemning those who are going through horrific trauma or illness. But us everyday folks, boppin’ along in our everyday lives, complaining lamenting our lives, when in reality we have it so much better than most of the world. It’s important to keep things in perspective and remember how freakin good you have it. Because when you begin to see your life and others around you through the eyes of Source, I promise everything begins to change. Through this blog I want to share my experience and encounters through using the Law of Attraction and riding my unicorn. I’ll share my ups and downs about how I fall off my unicorn and how I get back on. Can’t wait to take y’all along for the wild ride!

Sending you all love and light!

P.S. I got the idea for the name from the glitter cappuccino trend. Edible fairy dust is life.