Crazy Dreams

People always ask me what my dreams are, what are my goals? When asked this question my mind goes blank, my speech falters and I honestly have absolutely no idea what to answer. Because the truth is I don’t think I have any. I don’t mean this in the sense that I’m not looking for ways to improve my current life, or that I’m not interested in personal development. But I just don’t have these crazy, outrageous dreams. When I attempt to ruminate and come up with a grandiose plan, it just feels forced and compulsory as if I’m being required to fit in with the idea of the American Dream. Others may question me, why don’t you want more? The truth is, I’m content with my current reality. When I ask myself what it is I want, it is to give off good vibrations and shine my own light so bright that others cannot help but shine their own. I want to be a source of good energy and positivity to my surroundings. Because the truth is, at times the world can be cold and evil. I do believe the world at large is a good place. I don’t want to discount the immense kindness and compassion that takes place. But there is no doubt that evil exists. And if I have the capability to make the world a little bit brighter, ease someone’s pain, infuse joy into their day, then who am I not to? Nothing brings me greater joy or satisfaction than the knowledge that I was able to permeate a bit more joy and laughter. So if this is what I want out of life and I’m already doing it, does this mean I’m already living my dream?

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